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William J. White Fellowship for Solvable Problems

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William J. White Fellowship for Solvable Problems

The William J. White Fellowship for Solvable Problems aims to give young people in underserved communities exposure to careers in social impact on a global scale. Though international NGOs strive to serve vulnerable populations around the world, careers with these types of organizations can often seem inaccessible to many in our own communities and in those communities we seek to serve.

William J. White was a life-long advocate in bringing diverse voices and perspectives into the conversation. At PYXERA Global, we recognize that we have a significant role to play in creating access to our space and, equally important, in ensuring that as an organization we are capturing talent that, through the traditional hiring structures, often goes unrecognized. PYXERA Global will award one or more individuals from a community college this Fellowship, where she or he will work in our office in Washington D.C.

To accelerate the Fellow’s learning, she or he will receive direct mentorship from staff leadership and industry. The Fellow(s) will also participate in an immersive component where the individual will join an ongoing PYXERA Global project to experience our unique approach to global engagement first-hand.

Throughout his life, William J. White never failed to mentor a young person. His life embodied service through a career in public health, and through this Fellowship, we hope to continue his legacy for generations to come.

About PYXERA Global

PYXERA Global brings together the public, private, and social sector together to develop cross-sector concepts that address urgent, yet solvable problems within the United Nations Global Goals.

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